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Equine Assisted Activities

Equine Assisted Activities

Equine-assisted activities* (EAA) are widely recognized as beneficial options, other than traditional therapy, for people with physical, developmental, intellectual, and emotional difficulties or disabilities.

The horse that has been chosen for your child will be brought up to the mounting platform. The session leader will assist your rider onto the horse while the horse leader and side-walker help get them into position.

The interaction between people and horses is powerful and has a wide range of benefits. The horse is the tool that can transform a child’s/riders life. The movement of the horse mimics the human walk sending messages to and from the brain that the legs are moving and walking. The horse provides a stimulating, dynamic surface that promotes focused attention and increased learning ability that can translate into life skills.

The benefits of horseback riding for people with disabilities have been recognized for over three hundred years.

EAA is any specific center activity including Therapeutic Riding, mounted or ground activities, grooming, stable management, parades, demonstrations, drill, etc. in which the center’s participants, volunteers, instructors and horses are involved.

Individuals with a various range of disabilities such as Autism, cognitive disabilities, developmental delay, Down syndrome, mental illness, and emotional disorders have responded positively to Equine Assisted Activities. Riding for those Cerebral Palsy and traumatic accidents find an effective alternative to develop muscle tone and relaxation, improve posture, and coordination, with the added advantage of the tri-dimensional movement of the horse’s gait.

The bond that develops between human and horse also opens up many new opportunities, such as independence, self esteem, and social interactions and skills.

Safety is the top priority of the program. All riders are required to wear regulation safety helmets and are supervised at all times by a horse leader and either one to two side-walkers, or spotter depending their level of ability and skills. We start riders for our EAA program at 2 years old.

*Hippotherapy is a medically prescribed procedure that is conducted by Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapists, or Speech-Language Pathologists.

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